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Be sure to recycle all Christmas Cards by the end of January ready for our Card weigh in!!!

The Big Christmas Card Recycle!

We have been really busy completing our environmental review and Mrs Roche has helped us to come up with lost of new targets for this coming year!!!

Our first target is to tackle WASTE & RECYCLING within our school. 

Hello and welcome from our new Eco-Rangers 2019-20!!!

We are going to be hard at work this year putting lots of new targets to the test, make sure you come back and check how we are getting on!

We have made a decision in 2018 to combine our School and Eco Council into our new Super Ambassador roles. So if you want to be elected, don't forget to prepare your speech and take part in the elections at the start of term.


Check out this page to find out what we get up to as we do our work to take care of the environment!

Well done everyone!

We received our 2nd Platinum Eco Schools Award

in June 2017.

We are now a Platinum Eco School!

Well done to the Eco Council and past and present children of Trallwng Infants. On Friday, we were awarded with the Platinum Eco School award. We are all feeling very proud!

Eco Club Sowing Seeds at Ynysangharad Park


Our Eco Club went to represent the school on a special task because Mrs Poole had a telephone call from the council. They asked us to help them by sowing seeds to create a wild garden near the new Lido and Play Park. We had a lot of fun and had our photograph taken for the newspaper - keep an eye out for us!

We even got to bring some seeds back to plant in our school and encourage wildlife to visit us here too.

Sowing Seeds at Ynysangharad Park - Spring 2015

Poo Patrol


Many of our parents and children have reported that dog owners have not been clearing away their dog waste. On Tuesday, we went for a stroll around the block and found a LOT of dog poo. We are now making posters to put up on our streets.