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The definition of Additional Learning Needs


Trallwng Infants School has adopted the definition outlined in the Additional Learning Needs Code for Wales 2021.


This states that –


1) A person has additional learning needs if he or she has a learning difficulty or disability (whether the learning difficulty or disability arises from a medical condition or otherwise) which calls for additional learning provision.


2) A child of compulsory school age or person over that age has a learning difficulty or disability if he or she –

• has significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age, or

• has a disability for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010 which prevents or hinders him or her from making use of facilities for education of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream maintained schools.


3) A person does not have a learning difficulty or disability solely because the language (or form of language) in which he or she is or will be taught is different from a language (or form of language) which is or has been used at home.


Universal Provision


The vast majority of our pupils will not have ALN and will not require provision which is significantly greater than that offered as universal provision across the school. 


We are continually working to strengthen our universal provision, which will include-

• high quality whole class teaching

• effective differentiation

• guided and group work

• interventions 

• appropriate reasonable adjustments to enable access to the school environment, curriculum and facilities for children and young people who are disabled.


All pupils in the school will have the opportunity to create an One Page Profile, which will be completed with the contributions of parents/carers. Pupils attending universal interventions will have targets set for them to work towards. These will be regularly monitored and reviewed internally by the staff working with the pupil.

A Parent's Guide to Additional Learning Needs

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Trallwng Infants ALN Policy

Additional Learning Needs Code for Wales (2021)